SOVA Policies


We are seeking players who are committed to playing lacrosse for SOVA. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments throughout the year. Lacrosse is a TEAM sport. We understand there are commitments that will require players to miss an occasional SOVA Lacrosse required event. These will be viewed as excused absences with advanced notice to coaches. However, homework, vacations, or another club program will not be considered excused absences and are not tolerated. This is unfair to your coaches and teammates. Players are expected to manage their time efficiently (similar to what is expected in a Collegiate program) and attend all practices and tournaments during the summer months (please refer to posted summer schedule).

We require this commitment to benefit each player on the team. It is important to keep rosters of 18-20 players that are comfortable and confident playing with one another. Additionally, all of the players get plenty of playing time and have the opportunity to represent themselves in the best light during tournament games, many of which are played in front of college coaches. Additionally, players who are not committed to playing for SOVA Lacrosse will take up valuable roster spots from players who would love to be a part of the team and the SOVA Lacrosse family. Therefore, if you cannot make the commitment to be there, please do not accept our invitation to be a part of SOVA Lacrosse.


SOVA Lacrosse has always strived to keep costs as low as possible. Each year, we are faced with assessing player fees for each team. In order to do this, we estimate expected costs, estimated tournament fees, coaching expenses, and supplies such as balls, cones, pennies, field space, etc. We try to estimate all expected costs for each team, and divide that cost by the players for that team. Although we leave a small cushion for unexpected expenses, we make every effort possible to keep costs low by only estimating that year’s expenses.

The intensity and athleticism to compete as a SOVA Lacrosse athlete unfortunately brings the inevitable risk of injury. We make every effort possible to train our players properly with the hope of avoiding injury, but in today’s game, it often times unavoidable. When injury occurs, regardless of the timing of the injury, our costs to run each team remain fixed. Our tournament expenses are not adjusted in the case of player injury. Our coaching expenses remain fixed regardless of the number of players at practice. Our SOVA Lacrosse dues are expected for each player on the roster – even for those players that may be unable to participate in tournament play for an undetermined number of tournaments. We hope that you understand our position in the unfortunate circumstance faced with families of our injured players.

If a SOVA player cannot participate in the SOVA season after committing to a roster spot, (for any reason, including injury) a minimum of $250 of the seasons payment will be non-refundable.  We understand each case is unique so final refund amounts will be determined at the discretion of the SOVA Administration.


Inclement weather is out of the control of the SOVA directors, officials, and site managers. The LR Hill Sports Complex is outfitted with a state-of-the-art lightning detector. In the event the system picks up thunder and/or lightning, all play will be suspended until the lightning detector deems it safe to resume.


All payments made after [the scheduled due date] will incur a late fee of $25.